A heart full like the Moon


LP @ Full Moon Live, Arenele Romane, Bucharest

That’s how my heart felt at the end of LP’s concert at Full Moon Live event.

The night started with a wow moment… seeing Saturn and its ring through a telescope -it looked small, but damn, WE are so small – and it continued with a nice warming concert of Moonlight Breakfast.

And 22:00 sharp sharp [that means respect for the audience] the magic started to happen. And for one hour and a one song encore I got mesmerized, under the perfect image of a full Moon.

I am not very good at expressing my feelings and emotions with words, but for sure I can show it. And when it comes to music my whole body gets involved. So from the first second, till the last beat every pore of it felt the vibes of her crystal clear voice. I got goosebumps, I felt the need of closing my body to keep it inside, I smiled with my whole face and from the bottom of my heart, I listened with my eyes closed and my ears wide open, and mostly, I got that feeling of a full beating heart that you get when you fall in love and you need to breath deeply cause it overwhelms you.

I cannot find any adjective to properly describe her voice or the feelings induced, even though many times during the show I was telling myself that is sounds divine. I don’t know how divine sounds but it felt like that.

That hour passed at a glance and in the end I didn’t want to stop, to go home and not hear her anymore, cause a video never compares with a live moment.

I’ve heard some music in my live, some good and very good live voices, but this girl with her whistling, highs and lows trills is definitely one of the best of our times, if not the best… and she was somehow hidden for so long. I also didn’t know many of her songs, but the surprise was even bigger.

So if you missed her live in concerts till now, don’t hesitate and go to see her next time, it totally worths every cent.

*Congrats to the organizers for a great sound.


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