Bucharest International Air Show 2016

It’s been quite a long time since the wind is blowing around here, even though during this months there were some subjects that worth being written on the blog. There were not few the days when I said to myself that I also have an opinion and I should express it, especially in a larger way on the blog, but life happened and I prefered to keep them for myself 😀

Anyway, I’m back with a visual post, some pictures from the Bucharest International Air Show that took place this weekend at Băneasa Bucharest Airport.

Plenty of people gathered from the very morning till late at night to see the performances of pilots and their planes. They witnessed shows from Spanish, Czech, Ukrainian, Greek or Romanian groups, being acrobatics or rescuing shows, and visited the exhibition of different kind of aircrafts.

For me it was the second year of BIAS and after I heard and felt the sound made by the supersonic aircrafts last year I said that I won’t miss it again.

Suhoi 27 was by far the loudest and it totally gave my thrills and goosebumps, an acoustic orgasm, for sure. But I would never want to hear it in action and for the purpose that is was made, Air Shows are just fine for me and I hope for every other region is this world.

Enough said from me, the pictures will say more.


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