Lately, it has been very à la mode to create a personal project along the year or for a period of time and post it on social media: a selfie per day, a second of your day, and probably the most known #100happydays.

I’m not sure if we can find 100 happy things for 100 days in a row or sometimes taking the challenge might get people to create them just for the post. Not trying to contradict anyone that did it or it’s doing it, just a thought from an optimistico-realistic person :D.

In a way I wanted to see if I can be able to take to an end a similar project, but a year or 100 days are way to much to focus on creating personal posts for social media accounts.

So I have decided to take the shortest month of the year, February (even though I have chosen the bad year, the leap year), and use a new app from Instagram, Boomerang, to create 29 short clips that will represent a moment, an action or a feeling of the day. It all started with my speed blinking game when I first downloaded the app.

New week, new month, nothing new… Don't panic! (1/29) | #29booms #boomerang #blinking #girlwithglasses #panic

A video posted by Alina Iordache (@rosalinda.fox) on

Even though I don’t have a specific subject, sometimes I have to think of the idea or just take the closest action. And many times I post them late at night cause I forget during the day. So my full respect for those that are doing this for a way longer period.

If you want to see what I’m talking about follow the #29booms hashtag on Instagram, or better, take a look at my Instagram account; for sure you’ll find some more pictures to like and you will decide to follow 😀


❤ Fireworks effect ❤ (17/28) | #29booms #boomerang #fireworks #clapping #happy #happiness

A video posted by Alina Iordache (@rosalinda.fox) on



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