The Pink iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Release Party


When we think of a new iPhone release, most of us have the image of long queues, people waiting for days, almost camping in front of the store.

But last night, Vodafone Romania launched the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in a pinky, relaxed and jazzy-bossanova atmosphere in the old city center of Bucharest: great mood induced by Breeze, the band performing for those gathered around, the printed pink photos, the campaign that had as a prize the new iPhone for those that were wearing a pink item, the magician doing tricks with the help of the iPhone apps, great catering (delicious sweets- i really need the recipe of those cupcakes frosting) and la pièce de résistance… the new iPhone6s and iPhone 6s Plus, that run from the ball and appeared at midnight, just like Cinderella.poza 3

“We are pleased to offer the best iPhone in the fastest network. We are proud for the recent recognition of our network’s performance – in September 2015, we’ve been recognized as the network with the highest 4G data speed in Europe, according to an extended study emitted by OpenSignal” declared Andrea Rossini, Director, Consumer Business Unit

poza 2

Recently, Vodafone Romania was declared the network with the highest 4G data speed in Europe, an average of 36Mbps, according to an extended study, published in 24 September 2015 by OpenSignal. The study was made during June-August 2015 with data gathered from 325.221 global users. For more information regarding the study check

Starting today, the new phones are available in all Vodafone Romania stores and partner stores. For more information regarding the new iPhone models, check, for pricing and offers info check


Photo credits: Victor Arsene and Vodafone Romania


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