we, humans, are the salt of the earth

“A photographer is literally a person drawing with light, a man writing and rewriting the world with lights and shadows.”

Sebastião Salgado

A man that can take one through all the possible emotions, that can take one from amazement to deep thinking, from laughter to cry, from sorrow to envy, from disgust to hope.

A man, Sebastião Salgado, and a movie, The Salt of the Earth, are those that took me through all these feelings last night. I watched every picture with huge emotion and I needed nothing more to understand the message. I felt the silence in the room and all the sobs of people around me, I felt disgusted of some human beings’ actions and I felt faith in some others.

I haven’t heard of this great man before, but for sure I will never forget him from now on.

No need to say more, just SEE the movie and think of its message.


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