Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.

Last night, I accidentally came across with a video of the Nature is Speaking campaign by Conservation International. It was Mother Nature speaking through the voice of Julia Roberts.

I found it so beautiful said and presented that I watched in a glimpse all the 8 videos and with every voice I felt the nature elements as living characters.

I like all of them as all the problems are real and need to be acknowledged, but my favorites are Mother Nature by Julia Roberts, The Redwood by Robert Redford and Lena Redford with a dialog about evolution and human selfishness,

and the irony of The Rainforest by Kevin Spacey… “But humans, thy’re so smart… so smart. Such big brains and opposable thumbs. They know how to make things. Amazing things. Now, why would they need an old forest like me anymore?”

As a human being aware of the importance of conserving and protecting the nature I would be glad if you would watch all of the videos, think and reflect a little and then try to get yourself involved, no matter how – online, offline, in stopping this nonsense.

Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.


P.S.: My ears find it so suitable the voice of Penélope Cruz, with a bit of a Spanish accent, as Water.


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