Run Music Run

Most of us have Facebook accounts and we spend a lot of time on them. We use it to post pictures, to see what new events are happening and most of the time to share music. But sometimes it’s difficult to listen to all of them, to watch the video, and mostly to have to wait until it’s finished to see something else. Ok, I can open it in a different tab, but it’s still time consuming or tabs crowding.

I was thinking that it will be great to have an option to gather all of them in one place, so I can listen to what my friends post and to check the timeline in the same time. Thanks God that someone with technical skills had the same idea and came with this application – Audillo. You can list the videos posted on your news feed or in one of the groups in which you’re a member. Almost like a radio.

Another pretty good stuff with music on Facebook is that people post different genres of music and a lot of songs/artists that you haven’t heard of before. Sometimes we don’t recognize it and we skip it, but sometimes we want to try something new or the title is catchy and we hit play. And that “sometime” is a great discovery. Tonight I’ve discoverd Woodkid (Yoann Lemoine). Apparently he played in Bucharest in June and he’s famous for directing videos for Katy Perry (Teenage Dream), Taylor Swift (Back to December), Mystery Jets (Dreaming of Another World ) and Lana del Rey (Born to Die). Shame on me for not knowing that :).

In March it will be the release of his first album, The Golden Age. Untill then I will keep on watching the story of the three great songs/videos given to the public.


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