Silent Strike – Words Kill People

This is a video to promote Sibiu as the cultural capitale of the Europe in 2007. This could be a great year for Romania’s image and I hope that our beautiful country will be known not only as the country of gipsy people or of the beggars, but as a country with gorgeous places to relax, with beautiful mountains, seaside and also villages where the tradition is kept as a treasure. And, of course, as a country with a glorious history and culture, with valuable writers, painters, sculptors, singers that have been apreciated all over the world. I also hope that not only Nadia Comaneci, Hagi or Dracula will be the reference points regarding Romania and that it will be respected by its leaders and no one will denigrate it anymore as it was in “Borat”.

With peaceful wills we’re looking forward to receive better intentions and opinions from our soon “sisters to be” countries.


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